Hi Sarah

Only just come across a website about your talented grandfather.

My memories go back to the mid 40′s. As a young teenager my father took me to my first concert in which the Nottingham Symphony orchestra performed in the Nottm. Albert Hall. It was from that experienced I was hooked on classical music and studied piano and violin in the nearby Stockwin school of Music. I used to find it exciting attending orchestra rehearsals. Did not actually become a member but sat with the second violin playing along with the easy parts (Violin was not my preferred instrument). Sometimes the percussionist allowed me to make a few bangs in the right places.

Although I wanted passionately to make music my career it wasn’t to be. I studied optometry and have been working in that profession 20 years in London and 43 years in Jerusalem.(I am now 85 and still working). Throughout the last 40 years i played digital organ for many functions. I am now a great grandfather of uncountable number or grand and great grandchildren, and this keeps me busy..

Thanks for the memories

All the best

Alan Taylor

Hi my name is Mickey finch. I’m 70 now but when I was about 14 my mum took me to gaze cooper for piano lessons. We had to go to his studio upstairs in clement piano company. Gaze cooper was a character. Large and flamboyant. In his white coat. He used to shout at me when I got it wrong. He loved to break off the lesson to show us some of his Egyptian pieces.

We didn’t have a lot of money in those days and because gaze thought I had a future at the piano he gave us a free lesson on Tuesday’s.
I remember him composing his symphony when we went in. He made us wait until he’d finished the bit before he stared the lesson.
He used to arrange little concerts for us at the ywca.